SACOA has a proven, differentiated and comprehensive high quality product range, supported by an extensive field and laboratory research programme, established proprietary and trademarked brand names including ANTIEVAP®, BIOPEST®, ENHANCE®, LURE H2O® and SE14® as well as a strong pipeline of new products and technologies for future market launch.

ANTIEVAP Spray Adjuvant

A mineral based herbicide adjuvant/wetter. For use with knockdown herbicides during fallow and summer spraying in adverse weather conditions.
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BIOPEST Paraffinic Oil

A uniquely pure iso-paraffinic oil formulation designed for use in combination with and/ or as a stand-alone fungicide or insecticide.
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CROPSHIELD Spray Adjuvant

Formulated for use as a spray adjuvant with a wide range of herbicides, insecticides and defoliants to promote optimum leaf uptake and pesticide efficiencies.
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COHORT 700 Spray Adjuvant

An acidifying and penetrating surfactant that reduces alkaline hydrolysis of glyphosate whilst also providing traditional adjuvant benefits of droplet control, spreading and wetting.

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ENHANCE Spray Adjuvant

A premium Crop Oil Concentrate (COC), compatible with herbicides that require a COC which have high levels of surfactants.

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Harvests rain by breaking through the non-wetting surface and banks the water into the critical root zone, providing a more consistent soil moisture base throughout the season.
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PLANTOCROP Spray Adjuvant

Designed to enhance the penetrating properties of post-emergent herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Particularly suitable for cold water applications.
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A deep banded moisture retaining agent designed to improve early seedling emergence and vigour.
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STIFLE Dormant Spray Oil

Designed to control a variety of pests and diseases during the winter dormant period up until budburst / green tip stage.
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SUMMER Insecticidal Spray Oil

An emulsifiable, highly refined, agricultural spray oil to control pests and diseases on many horticultural crops in IPM programs for sustainable long-term control.

WETTA 1000 Biodegradable Surfactant

Premium grade non-ionic surfactant with low foam qualities. The excellent wetting properties of WETTA 1000 increases the activity of plant protection products by improving spray coverage, droplet retention and uptake.
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X-SEED Spray Oil

A unique blend of emulsifiers and environmentally renewable, super de-gummed Canola oil.
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SACOA Spray Grade Ammonium Sulphate Herbicide Adjuvant improves the reliability and performance of certain herbicides and herbicide mixtures as well as reducing and/or eliminating product antagonism in glyphosate tank mixtures.
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SACOA’s Liquid AMS herbicide adjuvant contains 417g/L ammonium sulphate to be used with glyphosate based herbicides to minimise antagonism in tank mixing and improve performance under adverse environmental conditions.
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SACOA’s turf range helps reduce water use in premium & broadacre turf by capturing & retaining water in the soil profile. The range also provides solutions for targeted greening & turf establishment.


SACOA’s BIOWETT® Premium reduces the water required to maintain premium turf by increasing water capture at the soil surface to then maximise and extend soil moisture retention evenly around the root zone for longer periods.
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BIOWETT Invigorate

SACOA’s BIOWETT® Invigorate contains a proprietary blend of surfactants, including a strong surface tension agent for optimizing penetration, as well as a residual polymeric surfactant ensuring reliable rewetting characteristics. 
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LURE H2O Turf Ultra

SACOA’s LURE H20 Turf Ultra has been formulated for all soil types and helps maintain turf quality through periods of dry weather by maximising the effectiveness of rainfall and irrigation water.
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