Product Overview

SACOA’s BIOWETT Invigorate contains a proprietary blend of surfactants, including a strong surface tension agent for optimizing penetration, as well as a residual polymeric surfactant ensuring reliable rewetting characteristics. When applied following label instructions, this product will overcome water repellency, improve water utilisation and stimulate plant vigour, root growth and soil biology in all forms of turf management.

Key Features

  • High performance, all-purpose formulation.
  • Bio-stimulant promotes plant vigour, root growth and soil biology.
  • Enhances uptake of plant nutrients.
  • Fast treatment of localised dry patch situations.
  • Can be ‘spot’ applied to promote greening in high traffic or other challenging areas.
  • Compatible with other tank mix components.
  • Optimal plant safety.
  • Low water rates for application.

Essential Data

  • Active Ingredient
    Proprietary blend of polyethelyne glycol / ethoxylated alcohol mixture plus bio-active
  • Pack Sizes
    20L, 200L, 1000L
  • Situation
    All forms of turf management.
  • Rates
    • 250-500ml per 100m2
    • 25 – 50L/Ha
  • Critical Comments
    • Apply in at least 400L water per hectare. Apply prior to rainfall/irrigation to maximise moisture utilisation.
    • Irrigate immediately following application when temperatures are expected to exceed 30oC within 24 hours of application.
  • Application Timing
    Apply in early spring to defend against evaporation as soil temperatures rise. Follow up with applications in early summer & autumn.
  • Mixing
    Can safely mix & spray with other components.
  • Safety Notes
    • Safe for use in public spaces.
    • Always read the product label before use.