SACOA’s turf range helps reduce water use in premium & broadacre turf by capturing & retaining water in the soil profile. The range also provides solutions for targeted greening & turf establishment.


Turf Products

BIOWETT® Invigorate

SACOA’s BIOWETT® Invigorate contains a proprietary blend of surfactants, including a strong surface tension agent for optimizing penetration, as well as a residual polymeric surfactant ensuring reliable rewetting characteristics.


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BIOWETT® Premium

SACOA’s BIOWETT® Premium reduces the water required to maintain premium turf by increasing water capture at the soil surface to then maximise and extend soil moisture retention evenly around the root zone for longer periods.


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LURE H2O® Turf Ultra

SACOA’s LURE H20 Turf Ultra® has been formulated for all soil types and helps maintain turf quality through periods of dry weather by maximising the effectiveness of rainfall and irrigation water.


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