BIOPEST provides grape growers with the opportunity to significantly advance their powdery mildew control program with an odourless, safe and highly effective product that delivers the same performance as sulphur, but without the smell and OH&S risks.

Grape Products

BIOPEST® Paraffinic Oil

A uniquely pure iso-paraffinic oil formulation designed for use in combination with and/ or as a stand-alone fungicide or insecticide.


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SUMMER Insecticidal Spray Oil

An emulsifiable, highly refined, agricultural spray oil to control pests and diseases on many horticultural crops in IPM programs for sustainable long-term control.


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PLANTOCROP® Spray Adjuvant

Designed to enhance the penetrating properties of post-emergent herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Particularly suitable for cold water applications.


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Extensive independent research has paved the way for an extension to BIOPEST®’s registrationto include powdery mildew along with grapevine scale and mealybugs. Importantly the research also confirms the ability for BIOPEST® to deliver the same powdery mildew control as traditional sulphur-based spray programs.

BIOPEST®’s performance against a typical wettable sulphur formulation is presented in the table below.

FeatureBIOPEST Paraffinic OilWettable Sulphur1
No unpleasant smell
No OH&S issues
Effective powdery mildew control
Secondary control of mealybug
Reduced impact on beneficials
Advanced spreading and sticking properties
Compatible with a range of popular fungicides
Suitable for organic use
No pest resistance issues
Proven performance in other crops
Suitable for use in IPM programs

1. Based on typical formulation characteristics.


Application Notes

The application of BIOPEST® is odourless, safe and straightforward – apply just after woolly bud stage, with follow-up sprays every 14-21 days until bunch closure.


Demonstration Sites

Demonstration sites have been established to provide growers with the opportunity to see the results for themselves. If you wish to see the potential BIOPEST® offers for the control of powdery mildew and certain sucking pests in grapes.


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