SACOA’s range of spray oil, surfactant and adjuvant products provide innovative and reliable solutions for modern broadacre farming’s many challenges – reducing costs by improving the effectiveness of pesticides, reducing sprays by solving tank mix compatibility problems, increasing water retention in non-wetting soils, improving seed germination rates, extending season lengths and much more.

Broadacre Products

ANTIEVAP® Spray Adjuvant

A mineral based herbicide adjuvant/wetter. For use with knockdown herbicides during fallow and summer spraying in adverse weather conditions.


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CROPSHIELD® Spray Adjuvant

Formulated for use as a spray adjuvant with a wide range of herbicides, insecticides and defoliants to promote optimum leaf uptake and pesticide efficiencies.


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ENHANCE Spray Adjuvant

A premium Crop Oil Concentrate (COC), compatible with herbicides that require a COC which have high levels of surfactants.


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Harvests rain by breaking through the non-wetting surface and banks the water into the critical root zone, providing a more consistent soil moisture base throughout the season.


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PLANTOCROP® Spray Adjuvant

Designed to enhance the penetrating properties of post-emergent herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Particularly suitable for cold water applications.


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