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Herbicide Adjuvant Guide

WETTA 1000 Biodegradable Surfactant

WETTA 1000 Surfactant  WETTA 1000 Label

Product Overview

SACOA WETTA 1000 Biodegradable Surfactant (WETTA 1000) is specifically designed for use as an agricultural tank added adjuvant. Its excellent dynamic wetting ensures optimum pesticidal efficacy.

WETTA 1000 is the latest in Non-ionic Ethoxylates technology and recent efficacy trial work indicates it’s more robust than other leading brands containing 100% w/v non-ionic surfactant.


WETTA 1000:

  • Increases efficiency of foliar herbicides.
  • Improves retention of spray droplets on foliage.
  • Excellent Dynamic Surface Tension properties.
  • Is 100% Biodegradable.
  • Great compatibility with all types of herbicides.
  • Provides optimal pesticide activity.
  • Mixes easily and quickly.


WETTA 1000 is suitable for use where a wetting agent is recommended on the herbicide label.

Product Use

WETTA 1000 should be added to most Herbicide sprays to increase their efficacy.

The excellent wetting properties of WETTA 1000 increases herbicide activity by improving spray coverage, droplet retention and uptake as evidenced in the trial results available on this site.

WETTA 1000 can be used with both acid and alkaline sprays and mixes easily with all types of water. The recommended rate of use is 120mL per 100 litres.

WETTA 1000 can be applied through standard spray equipment.

Herbicide and water rates should be as per label recommendations to ensure adequate coverage.