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Herbicide Adjuvant Guide

PLANTOCROP Spray Adjuvant

PLANTOCROP Spray Adjuvant


Product Overview

SACOA PLANTOCROP Spray Adjuvant (PLANTOCROP) is the result of a commitment by SACOA to drive the development of vegetable based products to complement their existing mineral-based range of spray oils and adjuvants.

This commitment has involved years of research, and trial work to ensure that environmental responsibility and sustainability could be packaged alongside product effectiveness and superior crop safety.

We have achieved this with PLANTOCROP - an esterified seed oil produced from food grade canola oil reacted with ethanol. It is comparable in performance to Crop Oil Concentrates (COC) in that they increase penetration of the pesticide by modifying the waxy cuticle on the leaf surface. This is done by the superior penetrating characteristics of the highly refined Esterified Seed Oil (ESO).


  • Non phytotoxic and biodegradable.
  • Unique formulation improves efficiency of pesticides.
  • Excellent emulsion stability in cold water.
  • Demonstrated enhanced efficacy on selective post-emergent grass herbicides.
  • Superior herbicide penetration through waxy leaf surfaces.
  • Reduces evaporation of spray solution before and after reaching the target surface.
  • Allows improved spreading and sticking to leaf surfaces due to reducing surface tension of spray droplet.
  • Does well on weeds with waxy leaf surfaces such as annual grasses and cape weed.
  • It is based on modified vegetable oil, so it is safe on crops, and the environment.
  • PLANTOCROP will enhance penetrating properties of Herbicides and Pyrethroid insecticides.
  • PLANTOCROP also has excellent UV stability. This enables the active chemicals to maintain stability and to be more available to the plant target. This results in a higher efficiency of the chemical product it is used with.

Trials undertaken at the Victorian Department of Agriculture have shown esterified vegetable oil based products (ethyl oleate and methyl oleate) to be very effective at enhancing the performance of the pyrethroid-based insecticides.


  • Post-emergent Herbicides: PLANTOCROP can be used with foliar-applied post emergent herbicides
  • Group B Herbicides: Esterified seed oils are also recommended for imidazolinone and sulfonylurea herbicides (Group B).
  • Insecticides: PLANTOCROP has shown to be compatible with a range of pyrethroid insecticides.

PLANTOCROP will also enhance the effectiveness of:

  • Insecticides
  • Desiccants and defoliants
  • Growth regulators (plant / insect)
  • Nutrient sprays
  • Foliar sprays

PLANTOCROP has also been found to be an excellent mixing partner for desiccants. It can be used successfully to facilitate the desiccation of potato leaves.

Product Use

PLANTOCROP is generally used at a rate of 0.5L/100L of spray volume as directed on agrochemical labels. One exception is with the herbicide Select ®, where it is used at 1L/100L of spray volume.

Cold Condition Mixing

PLANTOCROP will mix well with most products in cold conditions. Labels such as Topik ® herbicide specifically state that in water 10C or below, an esterified seed oil product is the preferred adjuvant.

Crop Safety

It is recommended to strictly follow all directions on chemical product “Table for Use” labels.