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Herbicide Adjuvant Guide

ENHANCE Spray Adjuvant

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 ENHANCE Tech Note

Product Overview

SACOA ENHANCE Spray Adjuvant (ENHANCE) has been developed through extensive research for use with certain foliar applied herbicides and insecticides. Its superior chemical formulation places ENHANCE at the forefront of spray adjuvant technology in Australasia.

With herbicide resistance a significant issue, farmers are needing to ensure correct selection and application of post-emergent herbicides which needs to be supported by a well designed and formulated adjuvant.

This enhanced effectiveness is supported by research showing that certain herbicides achieve far superior control of particular hard to kill weeds when applied in combination with specially formulated spray adjuvants.

This, in conjunction with chemical and crop rotation, will maximise the efficiency of the particular chemical group.


ENHANCE will outperform other older style crop oil type products and improve the overall cost-effectiveness of the spray application through:

  • Maximising the biological potential of the pesticide active ingredient.
  • Reducing the potential clogging or blockage of spray nozzles.
  • Facilitating enhanced penetration of herbicides.
  • Superior droplet control of herbicides by altering the spray solution characteristics.
  • Minimising any inadvertent losses due to spray drift and/or evaporation.
  • Offering extreme stability under low water rates.
  • Increasing the amount of canopy deposition by the applied spray.
  • Increasing coverage by modifying the surface characteristics of plant cuticular wax.
  • Enhancing the degree and rate that some pesticides are absorbed by plant tissue, even in dry conditions.


WGs, DFs, Fops and Dims

ENHANCE is suitable for use with hard-to-disperse Wettable Granules (WGs) and Dry Flowables (DFs).

ENHANCE is suitable for use with all herbicides which state on their label that they are to be mixed with a crop oil or crop oil concentrate. Such herbicides include the aryloxyphenoxypropionate (‘Fops’) and Cyclohexanedione (‘Dims’) grass herbicides.

Multi Component Tank Mixes

ENHANCE also provides superior compatibility and stability in multi-component tank mixes, e.g. Atrazine + Select® + Cypermethrin, because of the higher surfactant level.

Incompatibility Issues

Incompatibility problems when tank mixing granulated products like Atrazine and other pesticides with spray adjuvants has been widely documented in recent times.

Comprehensive testing by Agriculture Western Australia has indicated adjuvants with levels of surfactant greater than 15%, were physically more compatible in multiple tank mixes involving Atrazine than adjuvants with less than 5% total surfactant level.

This was backed up by NuFarm research in 1998, with numerous trials determining the physical compatibility of Nutrazine DF 900® with a range of tank mixes of commercially available spray adjuvants. This work also found adjuvants with a surfactant content greater than 15% were less likely to cause problems.

Product Use

ENHANCE is generally used at a rate between 0.5% and 1% v/v (1L/100L) of spray volume as directed on the chemical label. However, rate recommendations will vary according to:

  • The specific type of herbicide(s).
  • The prevailing weather and crop conditions.
  • Weed load at the time of spraying.

Please read the application label for specified application details.

Spray Tank Cleanup

Always follow herbicide label instructions for spray tank cleanup.

Thorough cleaning is required when using products such as Bromoxynil and Chlorosulfuron before moving into susceptible crops like lupins and canola, as severe crop damage may occur.