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Herbicide Adjuvant Guide

CROPSHIELD Spray Adjuvant


Product Overview

Recent trial evidence has shown that some types of spray oils can greatly reduce the potential yield of cereals and pulse crops. This is caused by old technology surfactants, which are blended in the manufacturing processes of spray oil. They produce a phenol by-product during UV degradation, which damages the plant tissue, and interferes with the photosynthesis processes.

It is also thought that the aggressive solvents contained in many cheap base oils used by some manufacturers can also damage plant tissue thus reducing crop yields.

This also appears to interfere with the manufacture and laying down of proteins and carbohydrates during seed head formation.

CROPSHIELD is a specially refined grade of agricultural base oil blended with the latest available technology in biodegradable non-ionic emulsifiers (surfactant).

It is formulated for use as a spray adjuvant with a wide range of herbicides and insecticides to promote optimum leaf uptake and pesticide efficiency.


  • Extensive field experiments conducted in Australia indicate that CROPSHIELD significantly improves the performance of foliar applied herbicides compared with other available spray oils. Particularly the fop and dim actives.
  • CROPSHIELD may also be used to achieve similar benefits with certain other plant protection chemicals like insecticides and fungicides.
  • Contains biodegradable surfactants.
  • Excellent emulsion stability under a range of water qualities and water rates, which improves the even dispersal of the chemical active.
  • Assists herbicide penetration through waxy leaf surfaces by modifying the leaf cuticle.
  • Reduces evaporation of spray solution before and after reaching the target leaf surface.
  • Reduces the surface tension of the spray droplet, thereby aiding coverage.
  • Produces a more uniform droplet reducing the very small and large droplets, alleviating the splash factor and evaporation.

Product Use

CROPSHIELD is generally applied at 1%-3% v/v (1-3L/100L) of spray solution in boom spray operations.

However, rate recommendations will vary according to:

  • The specific type of herbicide(s),
  • The prevailing weather and crop conditions, and
  • Weed load at the time of spraying.

Please read the application label for specified application details.


CROPSHIELD is suitable for use in applications where a mineral oil, petroleum oils, crop oils or oil-based adjuvants are specified on the active chemicals ‘Table For Use’ instruction label.

CROPSHIELD has been shown to be extremely effective when used with foliar applied herbicides and other crop protection products. Examples of these are covered in more detail under Compatibilities (use the link at the top of the page).

CROPSHIELD is NOT compatible with wettable sulphur or compounds containing sulphur such as lime sulphur.

Spray Tank Cleanup

Always follow herbicide label instructions for spray tank cleanup.

Thorough cleaning is required when using products such as Bromoxynil and Chlorsulfuron before moving into susceptible crops like lupins and canola, as severe crop damage may occur.