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Herbicide Adjuvant Guide

COTTOIL Spray Adjuvant


Product Overview

SACOA COTTOIL Spray Adjuvant has been specifically designed to meet the exacting standards of product performance and modern chemistry.

Specially designed and blended, this narrow range emulsifiable spray oil is intended to be used for dual application in cotton, as either:

  • A carrier for certain ULV or multi blend insecticides, or
  • An adjuvant for defoliant sprays.

COTTOIL has been formulated to aid in retention whilst still optimising the performance, natural benefits and inherent qualities that certain petroleum spray oils can offer.

That is why COTTOIL is well accepted by the agricultural sector and enjoys widespread use across a range of different growing conditions and cotton varieties.

Product Advantages

  • Excellent emulsion stability under a range of water qualities and water rates.
  • Assists insecticide penetration, effectively modifying the epicuticular wax (lipid) surface of the pest to facilitate the passage of the pesticide more efficiently.
  • Reduces evaporation of spray solution before and after reaching the target surface.
  • Reduces the surface tension of the spray droplet, thereby aiding coverage.
  • Produces a more uniform droplet reducing the very small and large droplets, alleviating the splash factor.
  • Does not promote pest resistance and is suitable for use in IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and IRM (Integrated Resistance Management) programs.

Product Use

COTTOIL is registered for use as a defoliation aid and as a carrier for certain ULV insecticides. COTTOIL is applied at 2L/Ha when used as a defoliation aid and between 3-5L/Ha when used as a carrier (refer insecticide label for rate recommendations).

When using COTTOIL in boom spray operations, rates generally range between 1% - 3% v/v, rate recommendations will vary according to:

  • The specific type of insecticide,
  • The prevailing crop conditions, and
  • Insect pressure at the time of spraying.

Please read the active label for specified application details.

Spray Tank Cleanup

Always follow active label instructions for spray tank cleanup.