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 SACOA’s turf range helps reduce water use in premium & broadacre turf by capturing & retaining water in the soil profile. The range also provides solutions for targeted greening & turf establishment.


  • Ideal for premium turf area management.
  • Delivers market-leading plant safety, greening & extended moisture retention.
  • Minimises water runoff due to hydrophobic soils.
  • Improves root zone moisture management.
  • Safe & easy application.

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BIOWETT Invigorate

  • Ideal for premium turf area management.
  • High performance all-purpose formulation.
  • Bio-stimulant promotes plant vigour, root growth and soil biology.
  • Enhances uptake of plant nutrients.
  • Fast treatment of localised dry patch situations.
  • Optimal plant safety.

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LURE H2O Turf Ultra

  • Ideal for turf establishment either prior to roll on or seeding.
  • Cost-effective solution for broadacre / outfield areas where rainfall optimisation is essential.
  • Strongest water holding capacity in SACOA range.
  • Designed to enhance the availability, retention and distribution of moisture in sand-based profiles.

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