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ENHANCE For Defoliation

Active Ingredients :
598g/L Paraffinic Oil
210g/L Non Ionic Surfactants

ENHANCE® is a highly refined paraffinic oil with non-ionic surfactants which has been developed through extensive research for use with certain foliar applied insecticides and herbicides.
Enhance is a premium Crop Oil Concentrate (COC) which is used as a quality oil at cotton defoliation at half the rate of DC-Tron Cotton or other similar products.
It is also used as a spray adjuvant with a number of herbicides that require a COC which has high levels of surfactants. ENHANCE® has been formulated to be effective in cold water situations.
Enhance is ideally suited to fit a wide range of uses as part of a whole farm cropping management
From cotton defoliation to weed control in crop or fallow, making it an integral part of any farm’s chemical store.

• Premium crop oil concentrate
• Premium cotton defoliation aid
• Used at 0.5lt/ha for defoliation
• Fewer empty containers to dispose of after use
• Endorsed by Bayer for use with Dropp Liquid, Dropp Ultra Max and Prep and will be supported by Bayer in the field
• Can be used for both aerial and ground rig application
• Made in Australia for Australia by an wholly Australian family owned business
• Can reduce the potential of clogging or blockage of spray nozzles.
• Facilitating enhanced penetration of herbicides
• After defoliation is over Enhance can be used as an adjuvant with a number of herbicides during winter fallow or crop weed control
• Rate of 0.5 – 1Lt/ha when used as a herbicide adjuvant
• ENHANCE® will outperform other older style crop oil type products and improve the overall cost effectiveness of the spray application through:

• Maximising the biological potential of the herbicide active ingredient.
• Superior droplet control of herbicides by altering the spray solution characteristics.
• Offering extreme stability under low water rates.
• Increasing the amount of canopy deposition by the applied spray.
• Increasing coverage by modifying the surface characteristics of plant cuticular wax.
• Enhancing the degree and rate that some pesticides are absorbed by plant tissue, even in dry conditions.
• Comprehensive testing by Agriculture Western Australia has indicated adjuvants with levels of surfactant greater than 15% such as ENHANCE®, were physically more compatible in multiple tank mixes involving Atrazine than adjuvants with less than 5% total surfactant level.
• Compatible with a wide range of products
• Does not persist in the soil
• Environmentally friendly
• Safe to use
• Non corrosive to equipment
• Low use rate = fewer containers smaller carbon footprint
• Ongoing trials with new herbicides as they come to market
• Specialised sales and technical support team in NSW, Qld , SA and WA

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