BIOPEST in Canola

BIOPEST is ideally suited for aphid management in Canola, with no pest resistance and minimal impact on beneficials. Use the links below to find out more:

BIOPEST's Rapid Effect

BIOPEST delivers rapid mortality on aphids without generating pest resistance.

Click here to view BIOPEST's rapid effect on video.

Aphid Management in Canola

Aphid Management in Cotton

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BIOPEST in Canola

Use the following resources to find out more about using BIOPEST to control aphids in canola.

 Over the last few seasons, SACOA has been conducting research into aphid control with BIOPEST in canola.

While the yield loss from aphids transmitting Beet Western Yellow Virus (BWYV) still causes conjecture, it is generally understood that the earlier aphids come in, the greater the yield loss may be at the end of the season.
BIOPEST is a highly refined biorational pesticide designed for use as a carrier, fungicide, insecticide and to manage aphid-transmitted viruses such as BWYV.

The following video shows the rapid mortality effect BIOPEST delivers to aphids.

Mode of Action

As a biorational pesticide, BIOPEST has two key functions in the management of aphid-borne viruses:

  1. Plant Virus Management
  2. Insecticide

Plant Virus Controller

Stylet-borne plant viruses can be transmitted by the probes of winged aphids in less than 20 seconds after landing on the upper leaf surface of host plants.
BIOPEST interferes with the virus transmission process preventing the pest from inoculating healthy plants and transmitting the virus from diseased ones.


BIOPEST effectively manages aphids in two ways:
1. Behaviour modification, primarily by modifying insect feeding and egg laying behaviours
2. By suffocation (anoxia)

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The following pages provide further information on aphid control with BIOPEST in canola.

Disclaimer - Registration of BIOPEST for use in Canola is expected for the 2017 season