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SACOA's Products for Broadacre

A premium Crop Oil Concentrate (COC), compatible with herbicides that require a COC that has very high levels of surfactants.
Recommended for multi-component tank mixes such as atrazine and Select®.
Formulated to be effective in cold water situations.
A premium cotton defoliation aid. Generally used at half the rate of traditional crop oils eg, CROPSHIELD®

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Designed to enhance the penetrating properties of both post-emergent herbicides and pyrethroid insecticides.
Particularly suitable for cold water applications.
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A traditional mineral spray oil with a superior surfactant package, enabling wide use with grass selective and broad-leaf herbicides as
well as fungicides and insecticides. Often mixed with non-ionic surfactant to help penetrate waxy leaf surfaces.
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A mineral based herbicide adjuvant/wetter.
For use with knockdown herbicides during fallow and summer spraying in adverse weather conditions.
Reliable performance & economically priced.
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A proprietary specialty soil wetting agent for hydrophobic soils.
Proven to provide superior yield increase against traditional soil wetting agents.

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Harvests rain by breaking through the non-wetting surface and banks the water into the critical root zone, providing a more consistent soil moisture base throughout the season.
This enhances plant growth, extends the growing season, increases yield potential and improves soil health.
Provides consistent and rapid germination of weeds that then allows for improved control prior to seeding via knockdown herbicides.
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